Katie grew up with a speech impediment that made her painfully shy. She grew up in her family's performing arts group, and would only really speak when she was singing. She found a love for the stage and gained the confidence she needed to be successful. Katie loves finding performing opportunities around the Las Vegas valley for her students to fulfill their dreams of being on stage or help them overcome their fears of singing in front of others. She has many students preparing for college vocal auditions, musical theatre auditions, talent shows, choir auditions, or competitions and extra experience on stage prepares them to have the confidence needed to succeed. 

Upcoming Performances

***RECITAL NOVEMBER 13th, 2021 at Family Music Center on Sahara!***


Boulder City, NV

*Zions Youth Symphony and Chorus performs at the Smith Center Nov 7th, 2021. Go see Bella, Kate, Katelyn, Brooke, Claire, Jessica, Harper, and Cali perform with Nathan Pacheco!

*Izzy, Morgan, and Skye have all been cast in Big Fish the Musical at LVA! 

*Demi, Mara, and Brinley have all been cast in Little Mermaid the Musical at Broadway Kids academy!

*Morgan, Harper, and Aleah all perform in Hamiltunes this Sunday 10/18 to a sold out audience! 

*Travis has just dropped his first single called "Everything but Country". Check it out on Spotify here! https://open.spotify.com/track/3irMcDxb5OHr9Mhka7e13t

*Emma has started her Freshman year at Virtubo University!

*Asher's single made it Nashville radio last week! Congratulations my friend!

*Carrie has been cast as one of the newest Golden Aces to dance and cheer for our Golden Knights hockey team! 


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Stage Presence 

Mic Technique

“What I enjoy most about performing is making people happy. Just to make a person smile means more to me than anything.” — Michael Jackson

Building Confidence and Experience